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the psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a desired goal; the reason for the action; that which gives purpose and direction to behavior.

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This is SamSam is the Operations Director of Special Events at Medallion Press and he’s getting Motiv8ed. Read Sam’s bio below and follow his fitness progress here.

As the Operations Director for Medallion Press, Sam Nuccio uses the business and psychology skills he learned while in college, as well as the on the job experience he brings from his time as Operations Manager at Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. As a husband and father of two sons, Sam believes wholeheartedly in the lesson and meaning of "God will provide." Sam has faith in the Motiv8n U program, saying, "I think Motiv8n U is going to change my life. Staci has such an awesome passion for what she does. I have a tremendous amount of respect for her, and I thank God for this opportunity. My family is my life, and I want to be around for theirs. That's why I'm willing to do this."

Sam's Goals

Sam's Ultimate Goal, Lose 80 Pounds






This is SamWhen I was asked to do an update for Motiv8n’ U, I was worried, thinking not much had changed. To be honest, I don’t look at the goals Staci and I created that often. After I printed out and reviewed the goals, though, I could clearly see just how far I’ve come and how far removed I am from the negative lifestyle I was leading.


My ultimate goal was originally to lose 80 pounds, which was adjusted to 70. We thought losing 80 pounds was not a good goal for me due to my tremendous amount of muscle mass and because I wouldn’t want to maintain that weight. That being said, I am 17 pounds from where I’d like my weight to be permanently, and even with a major slowdown because of a kidney stone, I plan to be there by the end of May.


My financial fitness is moving along and, although I’m not even close to a comfortable place for me and my family, I am in tune. I now have life insurance (huge stress relief), I have a budget (ever changing, but at least it exists), my wife Amy and I communicate about our finances on a more regular basis, and we have an IRA set up for Amy in a bank we’re comfortable with. (Missing from this bucket is a six-month reserve in savings, but I can now work toward it.)


Functional fitness. Getting rid of excess is not an issue; we donate it all almost every month. Keeping the right foods in the house has never been an issue, and we will continue to provide whole, natural, organic food for our family as long as we can afford to. I know what is in my fridge (didn’t have a clue before; hated to be in the kitchen because I felt cramped). Staci also had this thing about the patio: she thought it was important to me and that I viewed it as my space. I didn’t and don’t; however, I feel more at ease in my home, more than I ever have, even though it is my biggest hope/dream/wish/goal to move to an area where I can finally put my roots down and feel secure.


Our family fitness is in check and growing! My mom loves her new home and is happy to get back into writing, and Amy and the boys have been and always will be my reason for living.


Focused fitness—hold on to the dream. I see it, I chase it, and I never lose sight of it! Turning a negative into a positive is most likely one of the best lessons I’ve learned through Motiv8n’ U.


Feeling your fitness also helped me practice turning weakness into strength (pretty hard to do—but when it happens, you feel the win). Tracking my emotions was pretty hard for me, and I’m currently not doing it, but I do see a direct correlation between tracking and successful weight loss.


Witness the fitness challenged me to volunteer, voice my gratitude, and find a church we are comfortable in. Although I have started to volunteer more, I still would like to make this a larger part of my life and share that time with my family as well. I always felt that it was important to be grateful and to voice it, but as Staci and I both learned, we can never say “thank you” enough! As for my spirituality, I’m comfortable with where I am. Sure, I want to grow and explore it with my family, but I feel like how we live our lives, who we are, and how we treat others is more important than where we do it.


Feeding your fitness made me take a look at shopping habits, meal preparation, food tracking, and alcohol consumption. Shopping used to be me taking the boys around while Amy filled the cart, and now I take part in it with her. (I think it helps her, and I can be sure to get the items I need.) Meal prep is second nature now, and before it was something that simply did not exist. I was tracking food fairly well; currently I’m not, but when I do, it really helps keep me in check! Alcohol consumption really didn’t seem relevant to me because I didn’t feel I drank that much, but when I looked at it from a calories-per-week perspective, I realized how one here or there can really add up. Now I keep that in mind more often.


Finally, my funny bone fitness—laughing at myself. I think I have always been able to do this, but this is what it’s done: in those moments when I do take myself too seriously, I usually pause and take it down a notch or two.


Motiv8n’ U helped me not only with my weight loss but with my overall sense of being and/or well-being. I feel like I’m in tune and on track. I may have thought I was before, but standing where I am right now, I can clearly see I was headed down a dead-end street. Thank you, Staci. Thank you, Medallion Press. Thank you, family. Thank you, friends!